Reminder: On Share The Love Sunday there is curriculum available for grades PreK-6th Grade at the check-in desk. It is the job of the Parent/Guardian to teach this week.

What Can I Expect?

Watch these short 1-minute videos to learn more about this year’s Sunday School. Click Here

Monthly Curriculum Guide For You

Curriculum Overview | February 2019

Month Overview

February 2018 Overview

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The Pre-K – 2nd Grade Topics are in Yellow & 5-6 Grade is in Red.

What’s Going On February?

Invite Your Friends Incentive

Who loves pancakes?! The class who brings the most new friends by February 24th will get a pancake party on March 3rd during our Share The Love service.

Mission Projects

This month’s theme is Family Wisdom so your goal for this month is to go to 4 different family members and ask them how you can help others. If you complete all four tasks you’ll be given a piece of candy of your choice.


Our offerings will continue going to the Garden City Food Pantry.