Today I did something I normally don’t do: I unfollowed someone on Twitter. This person was a remnant from the old days when I was a staunch Republican Conservative and viewed politics as a second religion. It’s probably obvious that this person is a Trump supporter. I’m not saying every Trump supporter acts the way this person does, but it certainly speaks to the type of ideology that a good amount of Trump followers have. Now I really don’t have time to be writing this, but after I saw this post, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

So why did I unfollow this person? Over the last few months I debated unfollowing him/her because of their belligerent racist and crude comments about the Syrian Refugees, the African American community, and much more. I like to keep a wide range of people on my feeds in order to have a rounded source of viewpoints. But after this post, I was done. I think the most disgusting thing about this post is that it’s by “One Nation Under God.” I’m assuming that’s referring to my God, the God of Abraham, the God of Jesus, and the God of the Church. And this is blasphemous to me. If you knew ANYTHING about my God, “One Nation Under God” would never be put on this picture. Here’s the retweeted picture from someone else. Notice the amount of Retweets it has.

Syrian Homeless copyNO! YOU DON’T GET IT! YOU DO NOT GET IT! It’s not we should only feed Homeless Vets. OF COURSE WE SHOULD! It’s not, we should only care about Syrian Refugeees (Or “rebels” as this picture clearly doesn’t understand the current political situation in Syria). OF COURSE WE SHOULD! But it’s both/and. We should be taking care of both groups of people. We should be supportive of all people going through difficult times. When you allow your ideology to be so bigoted, you have no way of bringing people together. You are only radicalizing yourself and those you refuse to understand. If this person would just sit down and hear the stories of these refugees and all they have been through, he/she might have different opinion. If this person could travel to Syria and see the situation unfolding there, he/she might have a different opinion. But probably, this person prefers listening to a charismatic figure or one sided news source, rather than experience and have real relationships with the very people he/she refuses to feed or take care of. We should be unifying people to make this world a better place. We should be supporting “people,” “humans” who for the most part, just happened to be born in the wrong place or had a bad set of cards dealt to them, and you think you’re better than them? Shame on you! It doesn’t matter if they are Syrian Refugees, homeless from drugs, or War Vets. They are people who need taken care of and need support. And by saying things like, “We should feed one set of people over another just because of where they come from,” isn’t compassionate, loving, or selfless in any way.

But here’s the reality. Trump and his supporters say, “Let’s make America great again.” Despite my feelings towards that slogan, let me just critique it as it is. You want to make America great? Feed and take care of “all” the homeless, and widows, the refugees, the orphans, the depressed, the drug and alcohol addicted, shall I go on? You want to make America great? Create an economy where people are able to provide for their families, rather than struggling to make ends meat working three full-time jobs. You want to make America great? Focus on unifying the country and the world to take care of people, to teach people skills they need to succeed, and treat others with kindness, compassion, humility, and respect. Until you are able to unify a country to do those things, America will never be great.

There’s a lot more I could have said, and believe me, I was originally going to be a lot harsher with my words, but that would only bring me down to the same level as this person I unfollowed. So I want to close with this:

At the end of the day. At the end of all your political bullcrap (Trust me, I wanted to use a different word). At the end of all your bickering and radical ideology. At the end of the news show you’re watching. What are you really doing to make people’s lives better? What are you really doing to enhance, encourage, and build up those who are living in your community? Are you working to help other people, or are you working to divide and put people down. Think about that the next time you decide to say stupid stuff on social media.

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