Dear friends, acquaintances, family members, those who don’t know me, and those who probably don’t like me,

I want to apologize to all of you and 140 characters just will not cut it. Since my senior year of college, I have tried to be diligent about the things I post on social media. It would be a lie to say that everything I have posted since then have been good. I’ve made more than my fair share of “I probably shouldn’t have just posted that” mishaps.

I want my social media to reflect who I am as a real and raw person but I also want it to glorify God. This doesn’t mean every single thing I post has to say, “I love Jesus thissssssssss much.” But nevertheless, I need to be more careful as a former youth pastor, present Christ-follower, and hopefully future pastor/professor.

As you probably know, this past week was a fiasco trying to get back to Israel. For the most part, I don’t regret everything I posted. That being said, I should have done a better job of focusing on God to fix my situation. Instead of being positive and reflecting the values of Jesus, I let my circumstances get the better of me. Sure, I was exhausted and stressed out, but that is only an excuse. I’m 27 now and I cannot let my inner rampant angry teenager come out to play whenever I don’t feel like dealing with the reality of my current situation. I must be better and more mature than that.

I apologize to all of you for not expressing more positive and Christ-like characteristics this week, and in the last 5 years since I made that vow my senior year of college. I make these promises to do better not just on social media, but also in my daily life, since social media tends to reflect the heart and thoughts of those posting.

I promise to do better to exemplify peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, and forgiving those who have wronged me, just as Christ has forgiven me (Galatians 5:22-23, Colossians 3:12-16).

Lastly, I want to apologize to American Airlines and British Airways for my complaints. I understand that things come up that are out of your control and I’m sure you get more nasty complaints than my own. But as a Christian, I should have been more understanding and patient with you, despite your not willing to reimburse me for the trouble. I believe in a God that provides for all of my needs, surely $300 isn’t out of His reach. Of all the people, it is Christians who should be most willing to endure the hits that come against us, and for that, I apologize.

Please forgive me for not being better.




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